School Update & CALL TO ACTION!

Greetings, Friends & Supporters!


We wanted to take a moment in advance of the open enrollment period to provide an update on Sanitas Academy.  

We are excited about our progress to date but need your help to write a letter of support to the BVSD Board of Education prior to their next meeting, this Tuesday, 10/22.  (See below)

The Opportunity: 

Sanitas Academy will offer students across BVSD access to a small, rigorous, innovative & engaging high school learning experience, while leveraging the innovation that exists in Boulder and its surrounding communities to prepare students for opportunities in college, career and life.




  • Wednesday (10/16) we submitted our federal charter start-up grant application.  We are eligible to receive $330,000/year for 3 years, and assuming Sanitas is meeting its performance targets, for up to 4 years

  • We are optimistic about the awarding of this grant.  The Colorado Department of Education will make the decision on grant awards by Nov. 15th.  

  • We have conducted 6 events in the last six weeks with just under 200 people attending.  Our goal has been to build awareness about Sanitas Academy and gather feedback from this community about what matters most when it comes to innovation in high school education

  • We have created a Sanitas launch team (supporting community engagement/enrollment, business operations, and curriculum/program) and the Summit board is providing strong support.


Key Challenges:

  • When the SA charter was passed back in April of 2018, the contract was approved by the Board of Education contingent upon securing a facility and stipulating that: “the Board disapproves the use of School District land and buildings...will not be a party to or have any obligation under such lease, lease-purchase or purchase agreement.” 

  • Locating a facility has been a priority for the Summit Board and its Director, Emily Puetz.  We have investigated 33 different facility options.  We have been challenged by the high cost of real estate in the larger BVSD geographical area and zoning/code regulations on various facilities options.   

  • Our goal was to find a short-term facility option for the first few years (as is the case for how most charter schools open) and then work to identify a longer-term home for the school at that point.

  • While we have identified several potential options for a year one launch, we have not locked in a facility that works for year 2 of the school.  We don’t believe it is a wise decision for SA to launch without a minimum of a two-year facility solution


What We Are Asking BVSD and the Board of Education:

  • To permit flexibility in the number of students who enroll in year one, based upon the size of the facility identified;

  • To help us identify a facility solution;

  • To extend our contract until March 1st.  In this scenario, families would enroll in their high school of choice as if Sanitas does not exist.  As soon as we are able to lock in a facility solution for year 1 and 2, prior to March 1st, we would notify our community about the opportunity to enroll in Sanitas beginning in the fall of 2020 


How You Can Help:

  • This Tuesday, 10/22, the BVSD Board of Education will convene to discuss next steps with Sanitas Academy and to determine if our contract can be extended.  From 5:30-6:30pm the board will discuss Sanitas Academy.  During the regularly scheduled meeting at 6:30pm the board will likely vote on the contract extension and also hold public comment.

  • If you are excited about Sanitas Academy happening in this community, there are three ways you could really make a difference at this point:

    • Write an email of support and send to the BVSD board (template provided below). Send to:

    • Reach out to your local board representative and advocate for the contract extension and support for SA:

    • Attend the board meeting at 6:30pm on Tuesday, October 22nd.  If you are willing to share your support for Sanitas Academy, you can do that during the public comment time.


Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or ideas for supporting our work going forward.  On behalf of the entire Summit Board, we are grateful for your support.

Many thanks,

Emily Puetz, Director of Sanitas Academy

Adam, Principal of Summit Middle School
Jill Oliver, Summit Board Chair

Heidi Phan-Peterson, Chair of Sanitas Academy Subcommittee


Email your support for Sanitas Academy!


We’ve provided an email template below to make it easy for you to demonstrate to the BVSD Board of Directors the community support that lies behind our efforts to build Sanitas Academy! 


If you’d like to see this school built as much as we would, please take a moment to send an email to the board by noon, Tuesday, October 22, 2019! Your show of support can have an important impact!

  • To email the entire board, superintendent & board secretary, send to

  • To email individual board members:

    • Tina Marquis,

    • Kathy Gebhardt,

    • Shelley Benford,

    • Sam Fuqua,

    • Donna Miers,

    • Kathy Sargent,

    • Richard Garcia,


EMAIL TEMPLATE: provided for your convenience - please personalize to your preference!

Dear Boulder Valley School Board Members and Superintendent Anderson,


I am writing to express my family’s support of Sanitas Academy.  
Boulder Valley is in need of an innovative high school. The world around our students is constantly changing and I support bringing a new school into the community, whose vision is to evolve education and better prepare our students with the skills they’ll need to be successful in the workforce and in life. 

Sanitas Academy will offer students rigorous academics and collaborative opportunities in our community, all while focusing on the social-emotional wellness of the student.  In a community that is as creative, entrepreneurial and forward-thinking as Boulder, it’s time to introduce a new charter and expand the options available to our community! 

Please continue to support Sanitas Academy toward a successful launch in the fall of 2020!

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